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This Audi S8 clearly exudes class. F_R_E_N_C_H

It’s the REMIX-XDC@ Engrishtown

The end of Summer is approaching quickly but fear not as the shows and meets are still going strong. If anything your car will be more powerful with the lowering of temperatures and the cruises through scenic mountain roads are…

Say Ooh La La

The Lexus GS lineage is the first platform that comes to mind when I think of VIP cars. From the first generation to the most current, each has had some special contribution to the evolution of the community. Keeping the…

Lavish Lifestyle

I applaud the owner of this IS300 for the selection of mods. Everything flows so well. _french


Supras often overshadow the appeal of the Soarer but this particular SC400 regains the market share that was stripped from it one year after the launch in 1992 (1993-debut of the MK4 Supra). A particular detail that I’m most attracted…

Man Up!

My S2000 addiction has caught up to me and all the material intended to be shared within the next few days is of Honda’s roadster. Rather than exhaust everyone with consecutive AP1 and AP2 features, I’ll lump all the material…

LS four hundred

I’ve been following the VIP community at Club Lexus closely recently, admiring their quality builds, effortless style and proper fitment. The chassis I find with the most potential in regards to modifying is the LS400, being that their is a…

TJ! (Silent Dancer)

Whenever I read updates or look at pictures of SilentDancer’s S2000 the movie Just Friends come to mind. Often referred to by his first name, TJ, on the forums, my initial thoughts are always my girlfriend and then aggressive fitment….