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Marion’s Evo X

As much fun as it is to identify irrationality with women, truth be told in the spirit of competition men, myself included, a gentleman and scholar, are guilty of the same charge. How-fucking-so you argue, as most of you followers…

Covered: Evo Vs. STi at Englishtown October 17, 2011

Englishtown Raceway, NJ once again played host to Evo vs STi. Although the event was scheduled the same day as First Class Fitment, competition always sparked our interest as creeping on another bro’s fitment isn’t as eventful as one would…


Stumbled upon this on the Long Island Subaru Club board. I can’t get over how good these SBC RPF1′s look on this color hawkeye. Thumbs up. Photo’s by Aaron. -spilner  


Island Import car show!

Spilner and I attended the Island Import show today. The Arthus showed up a bit late, but showed his face. Unfortunately the weather didn’t really want to cooperate with us, but at least the rain held off.. Very nice turnout…

Cover Up: Ralph’s Italian Ice Meet

The moment we committed to hosting a meet on Saturday all elements seemed to stack against us. Pressed for time and a rainy forecast, we expected the worst and hoped for the best. Shortly before 2pm, the other contributors to…


I’ve totally been MIA lately and haven’t posted in awhile. But here’s something for me to share. This past Friday night I met up with Kenny Miller for some good food and drinks. We decided to meet up a little…

Covered: Street Wars 7

This weekend was filled with plans and each was successfully completed but not without an obstacle that needed to be addressed first. Earlier this week my health took a turn for the worst, well not the worst but considerably unhealthy….

Street Wars 1/ Evo Vs STi (From the Pits)

After discovering that only one of us,Jon or I, could shoot track side, I volunteered to shoot the pits as Jon’s lens are far superior than my nifty-fifty and kit piece. With temperatures peaking in the mid-fifties my trigger finger…

Wants: Go Pro

With my interest in video editing growing with every passing minute, it becomes even clearer that I need to upgrade my equipment. Go pro HD, anyone? FRENCH

Wek’Fest 3, The Video!

Without further delay, I bring you my personal Wek’Fest 3 video. You can see cameos by Spilner, Nitty on the Beat, AlexisTheMovie (Alex Zhao) and others. FRENCH