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Wicked Big Beattttttt (Meat, er Meet)

Last weekend, Stafford Springs, CT played host to North America’s Largest gathering of Subarus. As you could imagine my assumption that the lot would be filled with “stage 2″ WRXs and STIs was completely accurate but that’s what helps define…

Yeah it’s true.

This is a cool picture. It reminds me of the fire swamp in the movie “A Princess Bride”. Call me strange. Photo by: Patrick Snapp -spilner

Fly like a GC.

This thing is gorgeous.  I’ve always been a huge fan of the GC chassis and this just landed a place in my top 5.  Triple Rainbow! -spilner

Silly Abbit (W.)

Before everyone knew Abbit W. for his wrong fitment and risky ride height STi, he was grooving to a slightly different beat. The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree but I, for one, can always appreciate a great GC…

Dirty’s STI

Here is a first ever Ivy League East teaser/edit from a shoot French and I went on a few weeks ago. I finally got my hands on Final Cut Pro 7 and this was my first time ever using it,…