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Holy STi!

I’ve been following Logan’s build thread on IWSTI.com for longer than I can remember. Since the beginning he’s gone all out and only spent his money on the best possible parts and creating a look that was truly second to…


Words on behalf of mys2k3 (s2ki) “So I finally get a nice day and decided to drive the car around. Decided to stop and get some gas since it was at about 1/4 tank and on my way back home…

Battle of GT35R turbos

“Leonel Sti – Stock motor GT35r @26psi Meth ByRdGt35R – G35 GT35r @11psi Meth 5XXHP Godmachine – S2000 Built Motor GT35r @18psi 5XXHP” _french Turbo S2000 vs GT35r STI and GT35r G35