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Will You Be Mine?!

While some of us argue why it’s better that they spend the evening alone, others like myself prepare to wine, dine and … enjoy the company of our complements. With that in mind I thought I’d update you on the…


It’s good to see individuals doing things differently in the Honda community especially if the outcome is as such. FRENCH here are couple recent shots of my S  

A Little LSB Roadster Action

This Laguna Seca Blue NA Miata is another ¬†great example of how righteous this roadster can be. Don’t hate FRENCH Photocredit: Unknown (watermark your photos, yo!)

Cage Match- Harddog Roll Bar Install FTL

The “bolt-on” harddog roll bar for the S2000 is far from a “bolt-on” or effortless installation. Yes, bolts are exercised in the installation process but the disassembly of the entire interior not including the door cards or dash and the…

Poised Amuse S2K

Having had previous experience with an S2000, Sinji took his know how and transformed his second AP1 S2k into a track buff. Amuse widebody, CCWs and HardDog roll bar indicate the seriousness of this toy but like all projects Sinji…

Family Tree: NA Miata

Having survived 3 different owners, this very special Mazda Miata has made it’s way on to the fourth. Having moved through family members and then on to the open market one previous owner is in search of its current progress….