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East Coast Bash 2013

With a handful of pros including Gittin, Forsberg and Tuerck ; clubs such as Club Loose, RoadParty, Island Slide, StunnrStatus, Outsliders and Breaking from Canada in attendance, the East Coast Bash had all the ingredients for an memorable event. As…


As much as I’d like to have a “daily” gum scraper like the EG bubble below or the Acura Integras I’ve been sharing, the idea of having it stolen at every moment is incredibly discouraging. SMH FRENCH photo credit: unknown

Batten down the hatches!

Hurricane Irene has come and gone, and thankfully we not only maintained our cars (and our own personal well-being), it was actually a pretty good time. On Saturday afternoon we decided a keg of beer would be a great way…

B&W: 180sx (240sx)

Someone once told me a funny joke relating to the number 240 as “too-farty” lol. In any case, this 180sx(JDM) is looking minty-fresh. FRENCH photo credit unknown


Caught this sick animal on CANIBEAT.COM and had no choice but to repost. I think it is in every V-TEC fanbois list of things to do, of course that is if you haven’t already, to build at least 1 Civic,…


But it’s super “tough” if you will. FRENCH OG POST


Since the beginning of Ivy League East the goal has always had some reference to the community and bringing the North East together. Today I’ve felt that this goal has reached a certain level of success. With plans to wash…

Holy STi!

I’ve been following Logan’s build thread on IWSTI.com for longer than I can remember. Since the beginning he’s gone all out and only spent his money on the best possible parts and creating a look that was truly second to…

Civic Duty

Doing my daily blog rounds I came across the most attractive Ek9 (Civic hatchback). Featured as one of the Top 10 Honda/Acuras of 2009 according to Joey at the Chronicles you would think the car couldn’t get better, BUT it…