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Craigslist Disaster

I’ve always believed in the phrase “Plans are meant to be broken.” Whoever can be credited with that quote saved thousands perhaps millions of hopefuls from their expected disappointment and such was the theme of last weekend. Craigslist hunting is…


IvyLeagueEast Fall Meet 2013 Coverage

For a season symbolized by dying leaves, the streets were alive on Sunday with cars from all over the Tri-State area in attendance of our Fall meet.  The weather over the last few weeks here on Long Island has resembled…


Hero Circuit Club at Watkins Glen 2013

I’ve heard it all from bench racers as to why they never make it to the track or how they could yet don’t. Tracking has its expenses, I can’t say it doesn’t but given all the other unorganized means of…


Tool Time

Fender rolling was never intended to be a service Matt and I provided for the community, only to close friends, but as word of our abilities spread it has become more than a trade but an opportunity to contribute to…


Winter Thaw

Amodei seized the opportunity to photograph Augie’s recent acquisition FRENCH   Chris Amodei’s Flickr


Ivy League East Fall Meet

In spite of Hurricane Sandy, the Nor’Easter days prior and the gas crisis that plagued pumps across Long Island, the Fall Meet was a success. Temperatures were on the rise and the Sun showed faced though the grey skies last…


Finishing off the season right

As the track season comes to a close, I sadden to think I have to wait 8 months to hammer around the circuit again.   As I craved one last hoo-ra before the season came to a close, I joined NARRA…