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Party In The USA

“Anyone can get on the Internet and post a judgment on someone else” says Laura Holsen for the New York Times and SHE’S RIGHT. Today I’d like to pass judgement on this epic Lexus cruise. Thumbs up you say? Agreed….

Contest: I Just Wanna Be Successful

Don’t we all? After last weeks exciting cleanest Supra Contest, I’ve returned with yet another competition for internet supremacy. Fascinated with VIP styled, first and second generation, LS400s I ask that you give me something to think about. Unlike last…

Double Duty

This LS performs double duty, luxurious enough for the corporate world and stylish enough for the car show. If only it got better MPGs, it would be the ultimate bargain because of the low book value. _FRENCH

LS four hundred

I’ve been following the VIP community at Club Lexus closely recently, admiring their quality builds, effortless style and proper fitment. The chassis I find with the most potential in regards to modifying is the LS400, being that their is a…