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Long Island Subaru Club OG Meet

The Long Island Subaru Club played host to this areas first meet of the season at No Limit Motorsport. The weather cooperated and most of your local sensations showed face. In the past these meets were exclusively Subaru but with the changing…


De-Fender’d Miata

I was stopped dead in my tracks last night by this Mazda Miata without fenders on Diamond Racing wheels. Some may say this thing is a bucket of shit but, hey, it’s got charm. FRENCH  


Shoe In: Chris Amodei’s New Footwork

It’s awfully difficult keeping up with Amodei’s S2000 wheel addiction. Here’s an earnest attempt to do so. FRENCH “NotOnAir” S2000 Classic gas station shot Mark Scarano’s Mazda Speed 3 flush on Rota Grid Slammed rolling shots are always winners

Track Fiend

There is something incredibly spiritual and exciting about tracking your car. One could credit it to the 20+ minute “beat” session of your pride and joy 4-5 times a day, having an intellectual conversion over suspension dynamics in the paddock…

FC’d Up

Occasionally, I come across a car that results in a frenzy! Searching Craigslist and scouring forums for model specifics and deals I lose myself for a bit discovering and satisfying my curiosity. As you can imagine I’m busy beasting on…