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FRENCH: Wake And Bake(erz) FMP Meet 2011

Why we made a trip into Queens Sunday for the 2011 FMP Bakerz meet slipped my mind as the road quality simulated that of a 3rd World country, perhaps even worse. But after our emotions settled and the idea of…


These guy’s have it!!!   -Chris Amodei    

Battleship Grey Miata

My harddog roll bar is in and I’m ever ready to turn my S2000 in to an RWB styled masterpiece but looking at this slammed Miata makes rethink my decision to do the bar instead of the hardtop at 5…

Cage Match- Harddog Roll Bar Install FTL

The “bolt-on” harddog roll bar for the S2000 is far from a “bolt-on” or effortless installation. Yes, bolts are exercised in the installation process but the disassembly of the entire interior not including the door cards or dash and the…

Like It, Love It, Want More of It: FD3 RX7

Adding a another element to an already impressive FD3 RX7 this Mazda owner goes the distance by showing a little affection towards his/her GT wing stands. <3 FRENCH Photos By John Zhang

Whoops RX7 Missed Shift

For some special reason this missed shift by the driver in the FD3 RX7 really had me rolling. It’s late… FRENCH


For those of you who also have an interest in automotive tuning outside of hellaflush, canibeat, stanceworks and stancenation fitment blogs, I am overjoyed to share with you that Garage Revolution’s FD3s RX7 will be competing amongst the divine at…


It all started out with going to the Captree car show. Usually a bunch of vettes and an older crowd. Unfortunately it was a bit cold for those guys to bring out their Ferrari’s, Lambo’s and Porsche’s. But there was…

DIY: Carbon Clab NB Miata

After listening to tuners argue automotive performance via dyno numbers I again sought sanctuary in the boards at TimeAttackForums.com. A quick glance revealed this awesome NB miata being built with a bespoke carbon fiber widebody and a one off cage….

Family Tree: NA Miata

Having survived 3 different owners, this very special Mazda Miata has made it’s way on to the fourth. Having moved through family members and then on to the open market one previous owner is in search of its current progress….