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The Darkness

This Mazda Miata proves that somethings are better black and white… slammed, stretched and poked. FRENCH photo credit unknown

Not Your First Amodeo

Today I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Chris Amodei at his best that is pointing the finger and giving orders. His S2000 which is scheduled to make an appearance next week was looking mighty healthy as were his new…

Epic Sunset STI

Nothing like a driving alongside a gorgeous sunset in a beautiful car. This photograph reminds me of the time I was hauling ass through the mountain roads upstate NY in the S. Can’t wait for the Spring. FRENCH

Test of Time

Take this in with a “pinch of salt.” The E46 used to blend well with all cars modern and relevant but with time and the debut of the E92 m3 the predecessor is beginning to show its wrinkles. With respect…

Remember Me?

How could we forget? I’ve come to the conclusion that people go out of their way to ruin clean cars and so often this happens to Hondas and Acuras. Whether it be the Civic, Integra or Accord these platforms have…

“Looks great but is it drivable? :-\”

The quote by Mark355 pretty much sums up HighwayStarRamon’s s2000. I still love it though Also, he sold the BBS wheels pictured. He hasn’t given any insight to his future wheel decisison but I’m sure they will be wild. _french

You Stay Classy

“I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly…” Substitute scotch for mesh wheels _french photo credit goes to …. CHARLES SCOTT (obviously) haha YEAH!

BMWs on the Low Down

The BMW community is so often recognized for its ego and attitude. For the purpose of this post I’ll keep my opinion to myself as some owners have broken the stereotype by following the aggressive fitment and dumped “trend.” With…