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I’m a mouse. DUH. F_R_E_N_C_H

BBS Mesh Customs

BBS wheels have traditionally been associated with European tuners but with the wrong fitment trend spreading like butter all previous conventions have become obsolete. Switch your game up. -FRENCH O yeah for the win!

I-I I’m Mikey, I-I-I rock

The more times I see Heyyy Mikey’s dumped toaster the more I want one. Besides having the extra room, the breakneck factor ranks high. I definitely would like to get into one of these as a daily. Those BBS meshies…

“Looks great but is it drivable? :-\”

The quote by Mark355 pretty much sums up HighwayStarRamon’s s2000. I still love it though Also, he sold the BBS wheels pictured. He hasn’t given any insight to his future wheel decisison but I’m sure they will be wild. _french

BMWs on the Low Down

The BMW community is so often recognized for its ego and attitude. For the purpose of this post I’ll keep my opinion to myself as some owners have broken the stereotype by following the aggressive fitment and dumped “trend.” With…