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Autostrade – Glen Cove, NY June 26th, 2014

Martino Auto Concepts has been internationally recognized as a premier auto body shop and exotic community organizer through their Exotics4Life forum. After years of successful open door meets, their luck ran short after cretins began exhibiting their expected poor behavior….

Green Tea Metallic NSX Concept

I couldn’t help myself. CRV Green Tea Metallic NSX concept lowered on SSR wheels. FRENCH Does Emma Watson like the new NSX?!  

Discuss: Critical

Taking moment to put not only myself but also ILE in a position of judgement from an unbiased perspective it would appear that recently we’ve been taking a rather critical  position on all things automotive related amongst other subjects. Given…

NSX Friday

After I have my way with my current S2000 which I’m picking an amuse r1 bumper for this weekend, I’ll be sure to move on to Honda’s bread and butter, the NSX. FRENCH photo credit synth19

NSX Legacy Continued

The flag ship  car of Honda has been long discontinued for a considerable amount of time but has not been shy of the lime light. Kyushudanji, a Japanese NSX tuner, has recently posted a very impressive time at the Tsukuba…

HKS Premium Day NA1 Widebody NSX

This weekend gave way to some much need me time. With work absolutely becoming a factor in my lifestyle an opportunity to create some separation between the two was without a doubt essential. For those of us who are under…


Couple killer NSX’s leaving a recent cars and coffee event in cali.  I CANNOT WAIT FOR WEK FEST!! Picutres again taken from ThePerfectExposure. -Spilner and one non-nsx just because

I Heart NSX

“Out sight out, out of mind” is phrase that can be used to describe my NSX fanaticism. Enjoying all things S2000 recently this NSX came into my World and turned it upside down. I’m on craigslist now in search of…

No Debate

SpeedHunters seems to be holding these “Best :insert theme: Cars of 2010″ posts where the comments section will ultimately decide the victor. Rather than wait and let the majority decide, I’ll insert my $0.02 here. This particular decision was determined…