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It all started out with going to the Captree car show. Usually a bunch of vettes and an older crowd. Unfortunately it was a bit cold for those guys to bring out their Ferrari’s, Lambo’s and Porsche’s. But there was…

Seen It: From330citom3′s M3

Wek’fest played host some of the most popular Californian internet celebs such as this M3. Looking unreal, it was nearly impossible for me to take my eyes away from this fine piece of german engineering. FRENCH 19×10 – 235/35/19 19×11.5…


This is one fine piece of German engineering. -Brian   Photos by: FatLace:HellaFlush:SlammedSociety  

Body Count RWB Porsche

“The competition is a skinny b-tch, nobody”- Fabolous I don’t think RWB’s 930 and 964 Porsches will ever lose their attractiveness, at least in my eyes. Taking style cues from a tuning generation before me, the aggressive exterior in addition…

Easy On The Eyes

Clash Productions always produces the highest quality features and this video is no exception. The angles, cuts and song give the lapping experience a life of it’s own. You’ll quickly recognize the difference between something you’ve seen carelessly composed on…


“It’s not about building what everyone expects to see, it’s about building cars people remember.” -FMU FRENCH

Mellow Yellow

I appreciate anything that stands out in the tuning community,with style and grace that is.  These “Mellow Yellow” Porsche wheels are definitely doing the job on this mini. -Dirty moar pics please ! photo cred to Arrr.Seee. I believe.

Before Bed

It’s 25 past 11:00pm here on Long Island and it’s time for me to get to bed.  Although Sammie Sweethearts awful attitude in tonights eposode of The Jersey Shore woke me up a bit, it’s not enough to keep me from getting some…

Dream Weaving

I’ve recently put an order for new wheels and I can do nothing but think about them. Attempting to distract myself, I’ve unsuccessfully found this gorgeous 911. Dream on FRENCH

Soon Enough.

Soon enough I’ll be whipping around a gt2 like this one.  It has to be one of the most beautiful 997′s I have ever seen.  -spilner