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I’ve always admired the the Porsche 964 coupe and what better way to display my interests in the platform than a few pictures. _french


I gave myself a half-hour study break at the library today which I spent mining the internet for some special Porsche 964′s. The results: -French


You ever wish you could see more photos of a car but nothing turns up? That is how I felt before Jon Sibal uncovered the super gallery of Rauh-Welt Built Porsches. Below are a few of my favorites but please…

Matte Purp?

I think this RWB Porsche is Matte Purple? Anyway, this track beast comes correct. Built by Promodet and RWB ,everything this 993 turbo has going on is amazing and the only people that would disagree are probably the purist and…


I think I might start drinking Stella Artois just because of their phenomenal taste in cars. Just when I thought I was sick and tired of flat black murdered out whips… this sexy 930 by Nakai-san came and snapped me out…

Bang Bang

Challenging the dominance of Rauh-Welt’s and Sunburst’s aircooled porsches out of Japan, Texas’ Princeton Wong creates a masterpiece with his novice experience under the guidance of his friend. Leaving his parents in disbelief after the 2 year project was completed,…

Stuttgart’s Finest

Had this 964 tucked away on my computer. It needed to see the light of day. The car is just clean and dumped. -French

Lap of Luxury

As I get closer to my graduation ceremony my new (used) car considerations have grown as I’ll probably splurge after I get my first reasonably paid position. Since I posted the 911 slant nose a few days ago, der German…

80s Warrior

Porsche 911 Turbo Slant Nose courtesy of DjDorifto. -French

Happy Holidays

Tomorrow being Christmas many of us are probably enjoying time with family this evening. Whether it be sharing cocktails to taking turns on the Nintendo Wii the idea is to enjoy each others company in celebration of the holiday. Before…