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Autostrade – Glen Cove, NY June 26th, 2014

Martino Auto Concepts has been internationally recognized as a premier auto body shop and exotic community organizer through their Exotics4Life forum. After years of successful open door meets, their luck ran short after cretins began exhibiting their expected poor behavior….



Today I met up with a local friend, Keith, with his GT-R. Other than the decent sized wing on the back of it, it looks somewhat stock, but this is one car you might not want to mess around with….

Tick Tock

With used GT-R prices still on a quick decline, my excitement is on the up and up.  After recently discovering an 08 with 15,000 miles on it for a mere $55,000 leaves me with no doubt as to whether or…


Every now and then I come across a new forum that’s littered with information and automobiles I had never thought existed.  This without a doubt is one of the most rewarding things working at IvyLeagueEast provides me with because in…

The Beater: Nissan GTR

I guess when you’re looking for something to get you around when the weather disagrees a GTR could get you from point A to point B with few issues but yah know… FRENCH


An image usually speaks volumes but a little commentary in addition is always a plus. Titekster from NAGTROC adds a pair of Stillen side skirts to his already attractive GTR. 21s FTW F_R_E_N_C_H

Gee Tee ARGHHHHH! (amuse)

I spent most of the day at the Nissan dealership with my brother and friend in search of a reasonable 350z. After driving a couple it was his turn to determine whether or it was a match made in heaven….

It’s the REMIX-XDC@ Engrishtown

The end of Summer is approaching quickly but fear not as the shows and meets are still going strong. If anything your car will be more powerful with the lowering of temperatures and the cruises through scenic mountain roads are…


Carbon fiber is known for its weight saving qualities so when I picked up the newest issue of SuperStreet and saw Seibon’s godzilla(GTR-35) and goliath(370z) on the cover I expected to see the results of the diet. Everything from trunks…