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Seat Time

If you ever thought about going to the circuit you’ve come across the uninviting costs of doing so and like any competitive activity practice or in this case seat time it is what separates “the men from the boys” or…

Tone’d M3

Tonester’s Laguna Seca Blue E46 M3 should be easily recognizable by this point, having competed against some of the most respectable tuners in the United States. If it isn’t than the car should still catch your attention given its contrasting…

Meaty RSX

As if every post required some dramatic theme that has no relation to the car featured. FRENCH photo by Michael Elizondo

Rendered: Voltex S2000

Voltex’s S2000 kit was well received but due to exorbitant costs your chances of  actually seeing it on the street or even the track are slim. With the advancement of modern technology one can enjoy the appeal of JDM minus…

Something Different: Worked Taco

A little something different to cap off the evening. It’s not everyday  that you see a Toyota Tacoma in this fashion. Recaro speeds, side exit exhaust and work meister 3piece wheels help this Taco stand out among the crowd. FRENCH

JDMJay’s DC2 ITR Beater

For those of you who are under the understanding that a beater is… well  a beater, are going to be baffled to discover that this ITR is JDMJay’s… “beater,” daily if you must. Parting out the CCWs to fund another…

All the Fuss

There has been some concern regarding Subaru’s future performance plans and their ability to maintain power with respect to asking price and emissions. Domestic labels producing attractive vehicles with impressive Hp and Tq numbers at a “steal” nearly force competitors…


“It’s not about building what everyone expects to see, it’s about building cars people remember.” -FMU FRENCH

Back to Reality

What the hell was I thinking when I said the NSX looks dated! Picture is from StickyDilJoe.com (check it out. I do, EVERYDAY) FRENCH