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Mario Party

I am always slow to accepting change and so was the case with the release of the new body style Subaru Impreza sedan, WRX and STI alike. In time though, after owners began to modify the hawkeye’s offspring I became…


Shoe In: Chris Amodei’s New Footwork

It’s awfully difficult keeping up with Amodei’s S2000 wheel addiction. Here’s an earnest attempt to do so. FRENCH “NotOnAir” S2000 Classic gas station shot Mark Scarano’s Mazda Speed 3 flush on Rota Grid Slammed rolling shots are always winners

Covered: Evo Vs. STi at Englishtown October 17, 2011

Englishtown Raceway, NJ once again played host to Evo vs STi. Although the event was scheduled the same day as First Class Fitment, competition always sparked our interest as creeping on another bro’s fitment isn’t as eventful as one would…

Wicked Big Beattttttt (Meat, er Meet)

Last weekend, Stafford Springs, CT played host to North America’s Largest gathering of Subarus. As you could imagine my assumption that the lot would be filled with “stage 2″ WRXs and STIs was completely accurate but that’s what helps define…

GST Motorsport Impreza L, 2011 Edition

Stepping away from the street culture for a second and moving towards the circuit I bring you the GST Motorsport’s Impreza L. Super aggressive. Photocredit: Michael Warfield

Dirty WRX!!

So Dirty finally cleaned his WRX and I finally got to shoot it. Here’s just a little something before I do a proper shoot.   -Chris Amodei-   Full set can be found here!!!!

Freezer Burn: STi

The phrase TGIF never seemed so fitting as this week clearly proved to be an extremely big nuisance. One complication, after another plagued my work load and the site designer has been busy fulfilling other obligations. But All was not…

Street Wars 1/ Evo Vs STi (From the Pits)

After discovering that only one of us,Jon or I, could shoot track side, I volunteered to shoot the pits as Jon’s lens are far superior than my nifty-fifty and kit piece. With temperatures peaking in the mid-fifties my trigger finger…

Feel The Heat: New Formula Red Amuse S2000

I’ll go ahead and say it, red is the fastest color : D. In my defense, this Ap1 S2000 dressed in full Amuse GT1 widebody kit, CE28s and Mugen wing looks super fast and the Sierra-Sierra Evo and HKS CT230R…


Idaho doing bigger things than potatoes. Clearly this Miata’s fitment is all “wrong.” FRENCH