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Jetta 2

Mark Tingey’s Jetta Coupe

Months ago, when I felt that IvyLeagueEast could use a facelift, I reached out via our Facebook in search of some new blood. After a number of qualified responses, few of those were able to take advantage of the opportunity….

Journey to Automotive Mecca: Wek’Fest San Francisco 2012 Part 1

As much as we enjoy New York’s finest automobiles there’s something special about California’s tuning community and what better way to experience it than Wek’Fest’s O.G. San Francisco show. Having went last year purely to spectate and appreciate, this year…

Seat Time

If you ever thought about going to the circuit you’ve come across the uninviting costs of doing so and like any competitive activity practice or in this case seat time it is what separates “the men from the boys” or…

The Definition of Function.

Jeff Zwart, seven time Pikes Peak Champion, proves to us in these edits that a car can be both road legal and lethal on the track. Form and function are becoming a must in todays tuning community. So, what better…