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Like It, Love It, Want More of It: FD3 RX7

Adding a another element to an already impressive FD3 RX7 this Mazda owner goes the distance by showing a little affection towards his/her GT wing stands. <3 FRENCH Photos By John Zhang

Something Different: Worked Taco

A little something different to cap off the evening. It’s not everyday  that you see a Toyota Tacoma in this fashion. Recaro speeds, side exit exhaust and work meister 3piece wheels help this Taco stand out among the crowd. FRENCH

Why So Serious?

The New Year began with a kiss and a toast, classic you might say but “if it ain’t broken why fix it.” Rarely taking this nonchalant approach to things I found it most entertaining to see a pending comment first…

V2 Nismo

Big brosef hit something on the highway yesterday (all cosmetic) :/ trying to influence him to get a Version 2 Nismo bumper -FRENCH

TJ! (Silent Dancer)

Whenever I read updates or look at pictures of SilentDancer’s S2000 the movie Just Friends come to mind. Often referred to by his first name, TJ, on the forums, my initial thoughts are always my girlfriend and then aggressive fitment….

The World Will Pardon My Mush

The video from  Light & Logic Motion Pictures takes me prisoner as the slow motion and clever angles forbid any other thoughts to occur. The unique selection of audio goes well with the 240. I hope to see more videos…