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Same Old STi.

As the saying goes, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”, so I haven’t changed much.  While switching up my wheel setup has crossed my mind on multiple occasions the cost to benefit ratio never really seems to work out….

Track Days

Its Vtec season BAHHHHP!!! This simple video got me super excited for the track days coming up this spring/summer. Join us at watkins glen May 7th and 8th, French and E will be tearing it up in there s2ks while…


Mario Party

I am always slow to accepting change and so was the case with the release of the new body style Subaru Impreza sedan, WRX and STI alike. In time though, after owners began to modify the hawkeye’s offspring I became…

Jetta 2

Mark Tingey’s Jetta Coupe

Months ago, when I felt that IvyLeagueEast could use a facelift, I reached out via our Facebook in search of some new blood. After a number of qualified responses, few of those were able to take advantage of the opportunity….


Island Import Day 2012/ Bishnu Memorial Meet

In all honesty I’ll commend the Island Import team on organizing*, I guess if you can call it that, the largest, most disorganized meet I’ve ever attended, as there was a plethora of eyesores to even suggest this be a…

Throwback Civic Hatch Build

I hopped on Honda-Tech for the first time in a long time to catch up on whatever it is that I’m probably not missing.  I’m still bitter from the Zeroforum to vB switch and subsequent IB acquisition (old school HT…


Shoe In: Chris Amodei’s New Footwork

It’s awfully difficult keeping up with Amodei’s S2000 wheel addiction. Here’s an earnest attempt to do so. FRENCH “NotOnAir” S2000 Classic gas station shot Mark Scarano’s Mazda Speed 3 flush on Rota Grid Slammed rolling shots are always winners

Will You Be Mine?!

While some of us argue why it’s better that they spend the evening alone, others like myself prepare to wine, dine and … enjoy the company of our complements. With that in mind I thought I’d update you on the…