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Mitch Beyel’s BRZ

Mitch Beyel’s monochromatic BRZ should come as no surprise as he’s been attempting to build a reputable FR platform for a long-couple years now. After totaling an S2000 and building a humble 350z shortly after, this Subaru came together in record…

Covered: Street Wars 7

This weekend was filled with plans and each was successfully completed but not without an obstacle that needed to be addressed first. Earlier this week my health took a turn for the worst, well not the worst but considerably unhealthy….

Black and Yellow BMW

The catchy Whiz Khalifa song still hasn’t lost its appeal, clearly. Black and YERRO FRENCH photocredit: George Pritchard of Derby

M3 IntheHouse: Sid Titus Photography

Derp. It’s been a while since I shared something das uber ill from Germany. I like to think this E46 M3 on BBS LMs justifies my recess. FRENCH photography by Sid Titus    

Rendered: Voltex S2000

Voltex’s S2000 kit was well received but due to exorbitant costs your chances of  actually seeing it on the street or even the track are slim. With the advancement of modern technology one can enjoy the appeal of JDM minus…

Something Different: Worked Taco

A little something different to cap off the evening. It’s not everyday  that you see a Toyota Tacoma in this fashion. Recaro speeds, side exit exhaust and work meister 3piece wheels help this Taco stand out among the crowd. FRENCH

Feel The Heat: New Formula Red Amuse S2000

I’ll go ahead and say it, red is the fastest color : D. In my defense, this Ap1 S2000 dressed in full Amuse GT1 widebody kit, CE28s and Mugen wing looks super fast and the Sierra-Sierra Evo and HKS CT230R…

Postured Meowta

Paying close attention to all of you guys and gals  following us on facebook, I came across Jesse Gallarzo and his happy clam. My only complaint is that antenna, otherwise well done… friend. haha FRENCH photography by Phototong