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Good Day.

To say I was was surprised to see the sun shining when I woke up this morning would be an understatement. With all the crappy weather we have been having lately I just figured today would be just another example…


I’ve totally been MIA lately and haven’t posted in awhile. But here’s something for me to share. This past Friday night I met up with Kenny Miller for some good food and drinks. We decided to meet up a little…

Black and Yellow BMW

The catchy Whiz Khalifa song still hasn’t lost its appeal, clearly. Black and YERRO FRENCH photocredit: George Pritchard of Derby

Fresh Perspective: TL

Having recently lost focus on what is really important to me this purple TL from an omniscient angle allows me to put things into perspective. FRENCH photography by Keychain@ ItsJDMYO!

Gangsta gangsta!!!

After the show was over I met up with Devin and took a few photos of his S4 on CCW Classics. One of the cleanest looking B5′s out there. May I mention he won Best Audi at the show. Congrats…


As I patiently wait for my new coilover parts to come in from BC Racing, friend and colleague in the fitment game Abbitt Wilkerson has already installed his. And damn, has he got me jealous! Just one shot to show…

M3 IntheHouse: Sid Titus Photography

Derp. It’s been a while since I shared something das uber ill from Germany. I like to think this E46 M3 on BBS LMs justifies my recess. FRENCH photography by Sid Titus    

Something Different: Worked Taco

A little something different to cap off the evening. It’s not everyday ¬†that you see a Toyota Tacoma in this fashion. Recaro speeds, side exit exhaust and work meister 3piece wheels help this Taco stand out among the crowd. FRENCH