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Mr. Clean…

In the short time I have spent modifying cars and admiring the work of my peers, the concept that seems to rise above the rest is that less is more. Keep it simple. Keep it clean. You can spend thousands…

Awesomeness: Hachiroku

Would I ever buy a Hachiroku? Probably not, but I can absolutely appreciate this AE86 for everything it is. FRENCH photocredit: Unknown


Here is an awesome roller I stumbled upon during my daily forum crawls. Enjoy. -Brian Photo Cred goes to Travis C.    


It’s the best word that can be used while describing this Z… And you think this thing looks sick now.. Wait til he gets it back from the bodyshop.. Stay tuned! Enjoy -Chris Amodei- full gallery here      …

Closer: Dc2

Track season is almost within reach and I can’t stop thinking about buying up an Integra. Having always wanted to build one, I think it might be time to take advantage of one and lap the s%&T out of it…

Seen It: From330citom3′s M3

Wek’fest played host some of the most popular Californian internet celebs such as this M3. Looking unreal, it was nearly impossible for me to take my eyes away from this fine piece of german engineering. FRENCH 19×10 – 235/35/19 19×11.5…


This is one fine piece of German engineering. -Brian   Photos by: FatLace:HellaFlush:SlammedSociety  

Not Dead!!

Yeah it’s been awhile since my last post.  But let’s start with these s2000 posts again -Chris Amodei     To make things better…. I finally got myself another s2000  

Wek’Fest 3, The Video!

Without further delay, I bring you my personal Wek’Fest 3 video. You can see cameos by Spilner, Nitty on the Beat, AlexisTheMovie (Alex Zhao) and others. FRENCH