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You’ve got mail

I just found this in the “lowest Subaru thread” and I’m waiting for more pictures and info on it from the owner ( Raysti23 of NASIOC ) you have a PM! -DIRTY


After researching the ins and outs of the Nissan 350z, my brother, father, and I scheduled a day around looking for a 06+ 350z coupe, touring or grand touring. As you can already tell the day was full of disappointment….

Battle Royale

MB Battles have found there way on to a number of different vehicles but not all are fit to wear the value wheels, for example the S2000. Included among the chassis that look great sporting them is the Lexus IS300….


Sweden’s newest sex symbol, Ragge_c’s 1993 NSX, returns from the surgeon in tip top shape. Embracing tunings most popular trend, fitment, this Swede is definitely about to make waves across the fitment themed blogs. Nordic NSX FTW Lucky Numbers: bvillens…

I-I I’m Mikey, I-I-I rock

The more times I see Heyyy Mikey’s dumped toaster the more I want one. Besides having the extra room, the breakneck factor ranks high. I definitely would like to get into one of these as a daily. Those BBS meshies…