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Pushing the Limits

I recently celebrated my 23rd birthday in NYC and to be brief I pushed the limits of my body :X So rather then let you in on the gruesome details I felt it’d be appropriate to post some raw scoobs….

500hp Subaru STI

Let’s face it if 30 is the new 20, than 500 horsepower is the new 300hp. I remember when I was first into imports and a 300hp turbo Integra was top notch in terms of performance (on the street). Now…

Block Leaves Subaru

Subaru’s Gymkhana pro and X-games Rally Racing star Ken Block announced his departure from the USA Subaru Rally team. He will now be competing in the WRC and Rally America as part of the Ford Motor Company. “The easiest thing…

High Contrast

A good photographer can make any car/subject look amazing, and with programs like photomatix and photoshop, a mediocre photographer can make any photo look good. Not to say that these shots I came across on Flickr arn’t amazing, because they…

AWD sh!t

Yesterday I had an opportunity to drive a 2004 “stage-2!” (does anyone really understand these stages as they are open to interpretation and change with every manufacturer?) WRX STi and let me just say what a pleasure it was. Inspired…

Happy Holidays

Tomorrow being Christmas many of us are probably enjoying time with family this evening. Whether it be sharing cocktails to taking turns on the Nintendo Wii the idea is to enjoy each others company in celebration of the holiday. Before…

STI snow drifting

We’re about to get pounded with snow so enjoy this dude getting dragged around on his FEET by an STI in the snow. -french

Subaru Smutt

Whoring out pics of sexy Subarus always gives me great pleasure as I hope it inspires our readers to modify their cars with an emphasis on both form and fuction. -french