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Autostrade – Glen Cove, NY June 26th, 2014

Martino Auto Concepts has been internationally recognized as a premier auto body shop and exotic community organizer through their Exotics4Life forum. After years of successful open door meets, their luck ran short after cretins began exhibiting their expected poor behavior….

Morning Rollers

Being that I start class tomorrow morning I’ve decided to take today off and give myself a chance to relax.  My day will begin tomorrow at 5am and by the time I’ll arrive back at my door the sun will…

Lotus Concepts

As you could imagine from the content I share my automobile preference lies within the tuning legions. Hesitant to be the individual responsible for introducing  concept cars, the Lotus prospects displayed at the 2010 LA Autoshow has left me few…


Sweden’s newest sex symbol, Ragge_c’s 1993 NSX, returns from the surgeon in tip top shape. Embracing tunings most popular trend, fitment, this Swede is definitely about to make waves across the fitment themed blogs. Nordic NSX FTW Lucky Numbers: bvillens…


Stance:Nation is quickly becoming one of my most favorite and followed blogs. With an abundance of original content why shouldn’t it be?! This GTRaawr is another example why it should be one of yours too. Photos by Nakul Bhatnagar a house photographer@…

LF-A versus GT-R

Godzeera versus Mothfra (Godzilla versus Mothra). I’ll let MotorTrend do the rest of the talking. -French