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Hella-f$%&ing Yes- FD3 RX7

Let’s be honest, we are all very enthusiastic about the way a hellaflush, dumped, poked, stretched, cambered, aggressive fitment car appears, that is as if it has some sort of unbelievable handling characteristics, for anyone having a hard time arriving…

B&W: 180sx (240sx)

Someone once told me a funny joke relating to the number 240 as “too-farty” lol. In any case, this 180sx(JDM) is looking minty-fresh. FRENCH photo credit unknown

Street Justice

What motivates you to succeed? Perhaps a twin turbo 458 Italia? FRENCH

Really, Really

Some more pictures of Underground Racing’s Garage by Linhbergh via SpeedHunters _FRENCH


I’m always blown away by the cost of performance parts for exotic, high-end cars. I mean “$89,000 and $94,000 to boost Gallardos”?!! In consideration of the outstanding price, the performance output nearly justifies it at 1100+hp, taking you into speeds…

Twin Turbo’d Ferrari

Is any introduction needed for this beast? At 1000hp any car would be impressive but a Ferrari, Wow . Without further ado, Under Ground Racing’s F430 _french