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Wek’Fest 3, The Video!

Without further delay, I bring you my personal Wek’Fest 3 video. You can see cameos by Spilner, Nitty on the Beat, AlexisTheMovie (Alex Zhao) and others. FRENCH

Brain Tattoos

Something about this Evo 9 going into this trailer resonated with me. Perhaps it’s the excessive amounts of snow everywhere. Yeah, that must be it. FRENCH

Got Make It Right Baby, S2000

The select choice of aftermarket aero parts comes together beautifully on this “mint berry crunch” Ap2 S2000. More than often the Spoon hardtop appears out of place but the clearly this is not one of those particular occasions. “SHABLAGOO!!” FRENCH

EVO Vs STI October 23, 2010

FRENCH This morning I awoke to the blaring of 15 cell phone alarms (1 phone set 15times) as waking up early was always an issue for me and repetition seems to be the only remedy to the resolve my sleep…

Roll Out

I’m trying to figure out what to do tonight… During my investigation of options I did some surfin’ and found this attractive Evo 9. HUGE FAN of rolling shots. They are so natural. -french