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Closer: Dc2

Track season is almost within reach and I can’t stop thinking about buying up an Integra. Having always wanted to build one, I think it might be time to take advantage of one and lap the s%&T out of it…

JDM Style: Function and Form

In a new and developing thread on S2ki, members have been submitting pictures of “true” JDM style S2000s, that is one whose form is derived from a functional perspective with a appearance that would be competitive in any show contest….

Been awhile.

It’s been quite some time since I last got to see the Fizz Autosports Evo in person.  There’s obviously nothing quite about this car, but in my opinion the owner really found a way to pull off this assortment wacky color’s and…

Wek’Fest 3, The Video!

Without further delay, I bring you my personal Wek’Fest 3 video. You can see cameos by Spilner, Nitty on the Beat, AlexisTheMovie (Alex Zhao) and others. FRENCH

Heat Seeker

I was never really a fan of the Charge Speed widebody kit for the S2000 but the Seeker S wears it well competing against the Arvou AP1. Clearly you need Craft Square mirrors to be taken seriously on the track…

Wek’Fest 2011 part 1

part 1 Traveling with good company makes all the difference in the World and last weekend wouldn’t be the first testament to that statement. To California and back in one weekend we traveled, East to West, West to East, by…

Brain Tattoos

Something about this Evo 9 going into this trailer resonated with me. Perhaps it’s the excessive amounts of snow everywhere. Yeah, that must be it. FRENCH


Who said you can’t track stretched tires? -brian earl spilner