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Hero Circuit Club at NJMP

The essence of motorsports lies at the circuit. It’s where the unsuspecting dark horse has and can oust the favorite. It’s where horsepower and handling meet to create a harmony of music and dance, that is exhaust notes and suspension…


United. Cruise to OBI June 3rd, 2012

What began with a series of phone calls within a group of friends to watch two pavement goliaths battle it out for street supremacy ended in a leisurely cruise to OBI and a gorgeous “he-man” breakfast. Pancakes FTW FRENCH Botti running…


Occupy Glen Cove May 17th, 2012

Each week Glen Cove, NY plays host to an event that none should overlook. Organized by the world renown Martino Auto Concepts and the Glen Cove Fire Department, modified exotics, tuned imports and brawny muscle cars are able to show…


Same Old STi.

As the saying goes, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”, so I haven’t changed much.  While switching up my wheel setup has crossed my mind on multiple occasions the cost to benefit ratio never really seems to work out….

Lime Rock Park- Popped Cherry

My car, for the first time in a long time, is very much done , aside from a built motor. I can finally focus on driving it more than building it and what can I say, I’m happy! My first track…


Mario Party

I am always slow to accepting change and so was the case with the release of the new body style Subaru Impreza sedan, WRX and STI alike. In time though, after owners began to modify the hawkeye’s offspring I became…