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GST Motorsport Impreza L, 2011 Edition

Stepping away from the street culture for a second and moving towards the circuit I bring you the GST Motorsport’s Impreza L. Super aggressive. Photocredit: Michael Warfield


If you’re gunna do a build you might as well do it like a gentleman. Too often we see guys taking shortcuts, cutting corners, not using the right parts and tools. But, its cars like these that separate the men…


The suns been out, the weather is getting nicer, the tops have been dropping,the coils are lowered, the wheels are on, and all the whips are dusted off. What better way to celebrate the weather and this upcoming summer than…

I Heart Wagons.

After seeing this thing pop up on WrongFitmentCrew I had to share. The owner goes by TheGeeWag. Enjoy. -Brian Photo Credit: TheGeeWag


It’s been awhile…..

Its been long enough since I’ve posted. But my hard drive crashing a few days ago didn’t help things. I’ve been working on this shoot of Spilner’s car for a bit now and I’m finally done with it. It took…

Gilded WRX Bugeye

According to my very particular friend white bug eyes are the only way to go. Concurring with his irrational yet apparently true statement, this WRX’s aesthetics are ideal. FRENCH

Dirty WRX!!

So Dirty finally cleaned his WRX and I finally got to shoot it. Here’s just a little something before I do a proper shoot.   -Chris Amodei-   Full set can be found here!!!!

Up and Running!

For those who used to hate on Demetri’s bugeye for being trailered to shows and winning awards without the ability to even start, you’re going to have to find something else to hate on.  After a long wait, The infamous “Dmoney…

Good Day.

To say I was was surprised to see the sun shining when I woke up this morning would be an understatement. With all the crappy weather we have been having lately I just figured today would be just another example…

Covered: Street Wars 7

This weekend was filled with plans and each was successfully completed but not without an obstacle that needed to be addressed first. Earlier this week my health took a turn for the worst, well not the worst but considerably unhealthy….